Summer Programs 2023

Building Connections Summer 2023

We are excited to be in our 6th year of summer programming for children in our area, focusing on nurturing social/emotional development and positive experiences for children ages 3-18! Our goal is to create a safe place for children to play, connect, and grow in all areas of their development while building positive connections within themselves, others and their environment! 

This is a 12 acre farm, with a barn for animals, a renovated barn that is cooled indoor space with classrooms and offices, 2 fenced pastures, and 3.5 acres of trails and creek! Since we are giving this information now, we know that many projects in developing this space will still be in process; however, the priorities are cooled indoor spaces and bathrooms, access to bathrooms at the lower part of the property, and fencing, all which should be completed by summer! 

This year is a shift , doing things a little differently than we have done before; however, we are committed to providing a safe, quality, effective, and positive, rewarding summer experience for your family this summer! We are proud to use researched methods grounded in neuroscience and best teaching practices in order to help your children reach their full potential. 

Understand that our programming is specialized, with professional staff providing high quality support, with training specific in working with neurodiverse populations. All of our staff are highly trained in working with children and utilizing natural environments to promote safe learning opportunities. The classes and activities are uniquely tailored to the needs of the children enrolled, but also structured to allow for guided or independent exploration of their environment with peers, animals, and nature! 

Being in nature and with animals provides children a landscape for learning self awareness, emotional regulation, communication skills, and play/engagement skills. Connecting with the outdoors also provides a wealth of benefits physically and socially, but also as a source for restoring and maintaining good mental health!

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