Grades 6-12

(This is for completed 6th grade -completed 12th grade; however if there is a question, please email as we want a good fit group for your child!)

Full day Teen Leadership and Camp on the Farm! 

Come hang out with friends both human, furry, and feathered for a full day of fun on the farm! 

This is a new program that we want to include teens in that incorporates fun camp activities, while also developing leadership and life/job skill development! The intent for middle and high schoolers in this program is to help them discover themselves and how to form solid relationships with same-age peers and those in authority. Opportunities for leadership throughout the week would include learning skills needed for creating solutions to real time issues on the farm by making a plan and executing it with a partner or small team(ex: bridges across the creek, gardening, managing the barn/animal duties, and others. Other opportunities could include  learning how to manage others by helping with the younger age groups during game times, animal care/discovery, science on the trail, etc! The day would be split between YOU TIME, doing camp things, with a small group or partner, as well as the Leadership time helping learn responsibilities, while also managing time, problem solving, which are all important in job/life skills! This is critical for our teens as they will have lots of space to learn not only about themselves, but about others; how to regulate, communicate, organize, manage, compromise, and use critical thinking skills! I am excited about this program as it incorporates many things, not just farm life! They are gaining self confidence, job skills for any job, and certainly skills that can translate into any aspect of their life!  If they exhibit interest and ability, and the lead teacher feels as if they would be a good match, there may be an opportunity to be asked to come back as a junior counselor for camps and get paid! Teens would be selected for this on an individual basis. Activities may include: Hiking, Horseback riding, goats/chickens, other farm animals, hands on creating( building, sculpting, carving, painting, etc), gardening, creek exploration, making food/cold treats for people and animals, etc!

There will be horseback riding and horsemanship with staff trained specifically for children with all abilities. Family Fridays are back where you come to see what your teen has been up to all week!  We love these moments as families share in their child’s experiences as well as meet other families and celebrate together! 

June 19 – June 23 *LIMITED SPOTS*
June 26 – July 1 *FULL*
July 10 – July 14 *FULL*
July 17 – July 21 *LIMITED SPOTS*
July 24 – July 28 *LIMITED SPOTS*
August 7 – August 11 *LIMITED SPOTS*
August 14 – August 18 *LIMITED SPOTS*
(there are weeks off so that we can give animals, land, and teachers rest! ) 

Class Size: 10; minimum of 5
# of Classes: 1
Total: 10 spots per week
Teachers/Helpers: 1 teacher, 2 helpers per class, in addition to other farm staff that are specific to animal care/riding. 
For horseback riding, there will be a lead and 2 sidewalkers available, depending on the level of the child. Teens could potentially become sidewalkers for the younger kids once trained. This would be part of their learning! 
Each child will be assessed based on their comfortability and skill for horseback riding and receive appropriate guidance by trained staff. . 

Cost: $725, includes a t-shirt! 37.5 hrs of specialized, individualized intervention!
Deposit due at enrollment:  $150 – nonrefundable; will be applied to total for your balance due first day of camp.
BARN FEE: $25/week enrolled; this covers a portion of food/snacks for animals for the week since they will be “working too!” so this is their payment! Each class will have their own animal care buckets with necessary items needed to take care of those particular animals! 

  • $100 off each camp signed up for if you sign up for 3 or more camps.
  • Siblings get $50 off one child! 
  • If you are a family to which both apply, both discounts will be honored.  Ex: If you are enrolling your 2 children for 4 camps.
  • Discounts will only be applied to camps K-12. 
  • We are hoping to offer need based scholarships coming in the Spring. More info will come out about this process and who is eligible. If you are on the disabilities grant, please check to see if this would be considered an eligible service. We are an approved vendor. First in Families also offers some tuition assistance for camps. We want to make it accessible and affordable; also considering what is required to run this high quality level camp (staff, maintenance, etc).

(These discounts will be applied when you pay your remaining balance on the first day of camp. An email will be sent out prior to camp letting you know what you owe!)


Waitlist will be capped at 10 kids.

Social Skill Groups

We will continue to have summer social skill groups, 1x a week for 2 hours at the farm, continuing our quality work, but now using animal assisted therapy and nature to complement what we have already established in our effective social/ emotional skill teaching/coaching model!

The session is for 9 weeks, instead of 6- so the entire summer! Some may want the consistency, some may have school and still want to participate, which is why we are offering this option for the first time! 
We do realize that this is a commitment so please consider your summer when signing up! There will be no make-up classes as we only have one day per age group! You are paying for a spot!
There may be sessions that will be OFF SITE! We will start at the Farm first and plan according to the needs of the group!

Week of June 12- August 18, 2023 (off 4th of July week)
Middle and High Schoolers : Thursdays, 5-7pm

Class size: 14 kids: 1 teacher/2 helpers; Minimum of 6 kids.
Total: 14  spots
Waitlist will be capped at 6 kids.
Cost: $650
Deposit due at Enrollment: $150-nonrefundable / Rest is due at first class or by payment plan if needed. Email if that is preferred.

*****The reason that we will not be able to do off site Monday Teen Summer Programming as we did last year is because we are in a transition phase and will be moving permanently to our Farm location, settling into our new home, while also running other programming-getting used to our new home and making sure that Chris is available as she is the fierce leader and director in this! We hope to have it back next summer once we are all settled!  I apologize for any inconvenience and hope you take advantage of what we do have to offer in camps and social groups!

Hoping to have Fall Sessions out and about for High Schoolers as we are used to!