Ages 3 to 5

Summer Programming Ages 3-5
*Registration February 14 at 12:00pm

Half day Camp on the Farm! 

Children in this camp will be exposed to life on the farm, participating in lots of exploration time outside with chickens, goats, and other farm animals! They will use the entire property to learn about their senses-emotions-what they like/don’t like-how to communicate with peers/teachers, etc. Their natural curiosities will be nurtured and they will learn how to be in a group with peers-how to play, how to problem solve, how to regulate their bodies, etc! Teachers will understand and tailor their plan based on the needs of the group. They will take into consideration the child’s cognitive, language, and motor abilities in order to determine the pace, activities, and duration of activities. Teachers are constantly reading cues, and shifting when necessary; which is why we have been so successful in our camps! We know this is how kids learn and the key component is building relationships which build trust. The only way to do that is meet kids right where they are!  

June 5-9, 2023 9am-1pm
Class Size: 8
# of Classes: 2
Total: 16 spots
Teachers/Helpers: 1 teacher, 2-3 helpers per class.
Cost: $465, includes a t-shirt!
Deposit due at enrollment: $150 – nonrefundable
Waitlist will be capped at 5 kids

Farm Saturdays!

This format will be more comparable to our Teacher Workday Fundays/Fun Fridays that many of you may remember! Open play, coaching, and exploration for fun! Still a focus on social/emotional learning/coaching; however, more exploration rather than some direct instruction and then coaching! Kids on the farm will be PK-1 only!

Class days:
June 17
June 24
July 15
July 22

Preschool-1st grade – 9am-1pm
Class size: 10 kids/ 1 teacher 2-3 helpers (Mrs. Chris!); Minimum of 5.
Classes as of right now: 1
Total: 10 spots for PK-1
Cost: $175/class
Deposit at Enrollment: $75 per class day to reserve a spot.

If there is enough interest and staff availability, we will create another class. This is new so we will see! If it catches on, we may open it up as a day for social skill classes in the fall!