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Building Connections will not be holding in house or community based social skill groups, providing itinerant services, or holding scheduled events as of Monday March 16, 2020.

As of now, we project beginning services again March 30, 2020.

An email will be sent to those affected.

Our main focus is that everyone is safe and that we listen to our leaders in the medical/ political communities as they guide us through this unpredictable time.

We are dedicated to still provide supports to families through online and virtual opportunities! Families will be notified of how this will work!

Please stay safe during this time and use it to build deeper connections with those around you!!!!! Be light! Stay positive! Go! Do! Show love! Make memories! We love you!

Christine Burkhart , owner Building Connections

Our Mission

At Building Connections, our mission is to Educate and Empower young children, their families, and their communities in order to build strong, lasting relationships!

How can we help?

Do you find that social interaction, communicating feelings,  or understanding emotions is hard for your little ones and family? Working with children through the public school system, I did too.

With my time teaching in Wake County, I noticed that learning styles are changing, and the way kids communicate is evolving, especially with the progression of technology, and we need a way to gain these skills while keeping up with the world evolving around us. That’s why I created Building Connections. Building Connections provides small group social skills classes where kids learn to navigate conversation, feelings, excitement and disappointment. We help kids with social skills like emotional regulation, flexibility, sharing, and also offer other services such as observation and IEP advocacy. We do this because we want to see children building connections, making positive relationships with their peers, and having successful social interactions at school and in the community. This is important because we believe that all kids should be able to thrive, typical and atypical alike!

I have found that ultimately, children are best helped learning among their peers how to have these communication and regulation skills. I believe it is important to learn alongside your peers because it puts them in an environment that is more representative of how it works in the real world. Unlike one-on-one sessions, my goal is to create a learning environment where each child is surrounded by their peers to simulate common interactions that they are likely to face on a regular basis. Now compared to a typical classroom setting of 10 – 30 children where it may be hard for a kid to learn these skills, I target having smaller groups of 3 – 6 children. We teach these social skills lessons through play, role modeling, and creating situations where children encounter positive, respectful, constructive conflict.  Repetition is key! This is why we have longer classes, so each kid has more time to grow in each class.

I am here to help! Take a look at our list of services that we offer, and also check out our calendar of events!

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