Dr Barbara Still PHD

I have known this remarkable, talented, creative and warm woman, Christine Burkhart, for a long time.  She and I first connected through Community Partnerships and our mutual love of young children and of the importance of Early Intervention. 

When she told me that she was considering starting her own program for young children with special needs, particularly with social and emotional struggles, I was thrilled. She called this program Building Connections.  The perfect title for what Chris has done to date. She has helped young (and now older) children “build connections” with other children, with their larger world, and within themselves (now that we know so much more about “brain-based” therapies and the importance of social emotional connections.) 

As a local therapist looking for additional effective services for my kiddos, I turn to Chris Burkhart and Building Connections.  Watching her build this program into summer camps, teen programs, and now based in a big home with a great yard has been a delight to my eyes and heart. 

I have been privileged to join her and her excellent staff as they “work their magic” with the children and their parents.  What energy and talent are there to help our most vulnerable population.  I highly recommend Chris Burkhart and Building Connections.  

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