Parent 01

As a parent of a neuro-atypical kiddo it is challenging to find groups/camps that “get” my child. Most camps and groups are geared toward the “typical” child they can’t meet the specific needs of children who fall outside the lines of “typical”. I therefore find I must be very selective, so the experience is meaningful, safe, and rewarding for our family.


Building Connections has been a gift for our son and family. As a mother I have total confidence that my child is in the very best hands with teachers who are intentional, caring and above all understand the needs of my child. We have tried so many different therapies with our child and I can honestly say that Building Connections has made the biggest difference in his social skills, peer interactions, and self-esteem. Teachers see the difference too. For instance, he consistently has a positive day at school the day after farm group.


Above all our life is better because of Building Connections and it wonderful to have them on our team.