Megan Murphy-Menezes

Ms. Chris saved our lives. No, that is not an exaggeration! By the age of 3 my daughter had been “asked” to leave two preschools. Not because she wasn’t following the work, not because she had bad behavior but because the teachers said she acted terrified of other kids and would cry all day. On the playground I would watch her physically flinch when another child came close.
Being referred to Ms. Chris by our occupational therapist turned out to be a lifeline when we felt like we were drowning. I’ve often said Ms. Chris just has a magic way with children…she speaks their love language, whichever one it may be. My daughter came so far with the therapy Ms. Chris offers. Slowly over time my daughter gained confidence, learned to initiate play, and even how to advocate for herself. The skills she has learned over the years I see my daughter practice daily!
Our best summer memories are from the camps Ms. Chris offered. Ms. Chris is not only there for the kids but she is the best support a parent can ask for. She has helped us to navigate a complicated system (school), provided an ear when we needed someone to listen, and cheerleader to remind us “she can do it, she can do hard things”.
This year my daughter started pre-K. When I walked her to the door she turned, gave me a hug, and went right in. It sounds simple but for us it was a victory – one we could never have celebrated without Ms. Chris and all she has done for our family.