Partnership with Safe Child: Circle of Security Opportunity

We are excited to announce our upcoming partnership with Circle of Security Parenting!

Circle of Security Parenting is a 10 week research-informed parent education program focused on strengthening the parent-child relationship. Parents and caregivers learn how to respond to a child’s need in a way that enhances connection and can lead to changes in the child’s behavior.  Children will feel more secure and confident so they can explore, learn, grow and build positive relationships.

Program Participants:  Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers of children from birth to teens.

Participants in the Group: 15-20, Capped at 20.

Program Objectives: Parents and Caregivers will learn how to:

  • Talk with their children so they will listen and cooperate.
  • Strengthen their relationships with their children.
  • Be present with their children during both the best and the toughest of times.
  • Recognize their children’s needs and make sense of their behavior.
  • Learn how to identify barriers to effective communication with and guidance of their children.

Program details:

  • Length: Once a week for 10 weeks: each class is 90 minutes
  • Day and time: TBD, run in conjunction with Building Connections program times and dates. Beginning September 2022.
  • Cost: No charge.

You can just fill out name, contact information and at the bottom, please include “Building Connections” to acknowledge that you are part of the BC family group!.