COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Building Connections will be providing in-person supports for children and families while following all local, state, and CDC safety guidelines to ensure all are safe.

  1. Class enrollment has been reduced to ensure proper social distancing
    and space for each child/staff.
  2. Staff temperatures will be checked and posted daily.
  3. Parents will be required to take their child’s temperature and report on their health
    daily. They will sign a statement each day, reporting temp and ensuring he/she is
    without fever/symptoms each day at carpool before the child exits the car.
  4. Staff and Children’s hands must be washed before arriving to class, before
    transitioning to another activity, after toileting, before/after eating any snacks, and before
  5. Masks will be worn by all staff and children. This will be a skill taught and reinforced at
    how to properly ensure safety.
  6. Outdoor learning will occur as much as possible; however, during times of indoor
    learning, the indoor space will be ventilated with windows open and ceiling fans on,
    each age group will be assigned to opposite sides of the property, allowing for more
    space for each group.
  7. Proper cleaning of materials used will be done following CDC guidelines for products
    and when it is necessary to do so. (for example, soapy solutions/bleach solutions and after kids
    touch.use items.)
  8. When appropriate, individual materials will be provided.
  9. Staff will get children out of the car 1 by 1, as well as put them in the car at dismissal.
    We will also have staggered times for each age group for arrival and dismissal.

We feel as a staff that these are appropriate measures that go by recommendations by
the state and CDC as well as above and beyond, that will ensure a safe, fun, and
happy class experience for ALL.