Construction & Other Updates

Construction & Other Updates

Creating and Running a unique program like this is expensive and I have made a commitment to you that we are working hard to make sure that we only have high quality staff, programming, and environments in which you all can thrive! Land improvements such as well water pumps, fencing for pastures, animal care, rental of AC mobile mini, general upkeep , and mortgage is pricy for 12.5 acres! All funds received go to staff payroll, and these expenses since opening in May 2023! Remember, we are a small business that has been active and growing since 2017! 

We are new to this creation of new spaces that are our OURS and we are in the process of creating an indoor space for farm/therapeutic use for families and children! Timelines have shifted as we were supposed to close in January and didn’t end up doing it until May! So summer camp was a quick turnaround but we did it! Having a functional, comfortable and safe space so that we can carry out all current and new programming is critical and I am working as hard as I can on that-however the cost is high! We do have a non-profit that will be communicating with you soon about how we can do some fundraising for Building Connections at Whispering Oak Farm this fall!

The Nonprofit and LLC will run separately for a while; however, the intention is for the LLC to roll into the Non-profit and function as such! If you would like more information regarding the non-profit, we will have that coming out soon! 

Thank you for your patience as we navigate new territory! Blazing trails is exciting and we have already seen the impact this summer through our camps! Thank you!!!!!!

Winter Wonderland: The dream I have been waiting for : the entire farm turned into a magical winter wonderland, lights galore, with animal encounters with our farm friends, as well as fun winter crafts, games, and social time with friends! The littles will have the daytime to explore and play and our older age group will have the opportunity for a fire pit with smores as well! 

Parents can finish up holiday shopping, rest/relax during the busy holiday season, or get together for a fun time together! 

Price Changes

Itinerant: $85/hr includes travel for teacher

Trainings are tailored to the needs of the group/school, prep work in creating training and materials, travel
2 hours: $350.00
3 hours: $525.00
4 hours: $700.00
All Date: Email

Consults: $85/hr (phone virtual, inhome/school)
Written Reports: $50.00